Sayaka is a dancer and dance maker. She trained and worked in the fields of ballet and contemporary dance in Japan.  She expanded her activity world wide as she followed training at contact improvisation work with Nancy Stark Smith in Massachusetts US (2008), guest student in Batsheva dance company Israel (2008) and among others. In 2008 she relocated to Amsterdam where she began making her own choreographies, shown in various international festivals and venues in The Netherlands, France, Israel, Greece, and Japan. Alongside her movement research, she is a curator/organizer with the ‘Easy Sunday’ platform and often collaborates as an improviser with ‘Magpie Umbrella’. She is a finalist of Yokohama Dance Collection EX 2013.

For the magpie improvisation summer course she will be doing a owrkshop toward performance re creating her project  Grandmother’s white hair"A trace of memories, a mystique of DNA, and Love. A brief moment when symbolic lines show how they usually link us secretly.
Being supported by Grandmother’s tips, performers discover diverse associations between people, people and surroundings beyond the time and space. This piece is about contemplation of where we came from and where we will go… One day I will also become a grandmother.